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IREO Projects in Gurgaon

IREO Projects in Gurgaon

Ireo is a one of India’s leading property developer in India, and is also India’s first and largest foreign direct investment investor in property. The company has been rendering its services in India since the year of 2003. Over the years of service, the company has enjoyed a good run in terms of success and establishing a reach in the real estate market, with over 1.5 Billion Dollars invested in a vast portfolio of premium projects in prime locations in the country. The goal is to become the go to real estate developer for customers in India when it comes to high quality luxurious residencies. Many of the company’s initial project launches are a huge success and are now threatening the existing paradigms in the Indian Real Estate market. Apart from The Delhi National Capital Region, the company has also extended its business across various other states such as Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Goa. The best resources that are available in India and internationally are brought in to create projects that are on par with global standards.

Ireo is strongly backed by a team of experts from India and across the globe to lead the initiatives of the company, and to provide the consumers with products and services that are best in class. The team works relentlessly to achieve a certain quality that is now well associated with the brand name, to build and maintain customer relationships, to evolve the company standards and take the brand a step further in terms of success. The team lends its ears to the consumers and keeps an eye on the constantly evolving trends in the market, to ensure the company grows in a way that can cater to the needs and demand of the modern market and customer. Commitments and promises are not taken lightly at Ireo, and the team puts in the passion and dedication to the business to make this a reality. These promises include timely delivery of the project, and customer support that does not end when a customer takes over the possession of a residence.

Ireo brings the best homes to the market. Residencies are built without compromises, designed by the best minds in the industry to be functional, comfortable and will be powered by state of the art technology in terms of development. The residencies are accompanied by world class amenities to make the living experience of the resident a joyous and lavish experience, and strategically located in order to bring out the best of the urban life, while maintaining the calmness and serenity of a good home. Superior in terms of architectural structure, equipments and fittings, one cannot go wrong with a home from the company. The company has ventured into many projects that are now a grand success, these very project represent the very values that the brand stands for. The IREO City at Sector 59, Gurgaon, Ireo Gurgaon Hills at Gwal Pahari, IREO The Corridors at Sector 67A, Gurgaon are very good examples of this.

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